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TRAVEL: 7 of the World’s Coolest Excursions

One of the best things about travelling is being able to try new things that you would never be able to do at home. Here’s a look at 7 of the world’s coolest excursions:

1. Fjord Sea Kayaking – Norway

Here, guided tours are offered to take you through the stunning fjords in Norway. Kayakers are provided with all equipment for the trip. The summer is the best season for sea kayaking because the days are long and the temperatures are comfortable. These trips are designed for everyone, from beginners to experienced paddlers. The natural beauty of Norway is unrivaled, and a sea kayaking expedition is a great way to see it.

2. Camel Safari – India

Everyone goes horseback riding, but who goes Camel riding? Well, you can if you visit Jaisalmer, India. Tours of this kind have been around since the late ‘80’s. There are a few different excursion lengths to choose from, including 5KM, 7KM, and 16KM. There are also a number of overnight trips to choose from. These excursions can cost between 15$-30$. Camel Safaris are a prime way to see the sand dunes in the Indian desert, and an experience you probably wouldn’t be able to recreate at home.

3. Base Jumping – New Zealand

SkyJump is located in Auckland, New Zealand at the Sky Tower. This is the highest jump in the country. While most base jumping uses a parachute, SkyJump uses a wire. It takes just 11 seconds for you to fall 192 meters. The price for a jump is about 225$. The SkyJump will definitely give any adrenaline junkie a rush.

4. Sydney Harbor Bridge Climb – Australia

Some bridges aren’t just for getting across anymore, they’re for climbing. The famous Sydney Harbor Bridge is a perfect example of that. There are 4 different climbs available including the Bridge climb, the Discovery climb, the Express climb, and the Mandarin climb. The climbs are between 2.5 and 3.5 hours, costing between 198$ and 319$ depending what time of the day and year you go. This adventure gives you an unrivaled view of beautiful Sydney, if you’re daring enough to try it!

5. Sandboarding – Nicaragua

If you love sledding down a snowy hill, then you’ll probably also love sandboarding down the side of a volcano. Yes, a volcano. The 115$ day trip includes a hike to the top of Cerro Negro Volcano, near Managua, Nicaragua, and then a slide down the volcano! The length of the day trip is about 10 hours, and there is no previous experience necessary for sandboarding. At the top of the volcano you can enjoy a beautiful view of the surrounding mountain range. This is an experience you can’t pass up if you’re in the area.

6. Shark Diving – South Africa

Yes, shark diving may seem a little scary to some folks, but hear me out, it’s all safe! The tour picks you up in Cape Town and takes you to the small fishing village of Gansbaai. Here you will meet your guides, a group of Marine Biology experts. They will take you out on the boat to the best shark-viewing spot, and lower you into the shark cage. The cage is attached to the boat, and it is quick and easy to get back up into the boat if you so choose. Sharks aren’t the only thing you’ll see. You will also be exposed to dolphins, penguins, whales, and seals!

7. Glacier Climbing – Iceland

Glacier climbing is the ultimate adventure hike. With all the equipment included, take a crack at ice climbing during your hike. During the hike you have the opportunity to stop and marvel at the stunning Skógafoss waterfall. This tour will really test your hiking skills.

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